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These Are Fall’s 4 Best Mobile Games

Here’s a look at some of the best mobile games this season. Whether you love strategy games or story games or something else, there’s a great mobile game waiting for you to play.

Minecraft Story Mode: Season Two

This year, Jesse and the gang have found fame, and that causes problems for them in Beacontown. The pals do begin to come together when Jesse uncovers a scary mystery in an ancient underwater temple. While this awesomely fun episodic entertainment is available on consoles, too, it’s a boon to have it on your phone and tablet. Minecraft itself is portable, so why shouldn’t these humorous, narrative-rich tales be, too? Highlight: You’ll love the angry llama you come across — along with a cornucopia of other surprises.

Super Beat Sports

The most useful thing about the Nintendo Switch is that it becomes a mobile device when you’re not playing with it on your big screen TV. Check out Super Beat Sports which combines team play with pulse pounding music. The boisterous variations of baseball, tennis, golf and more let you score big when you hit the ball in rhythm to the beat. Whimsical, big-eyed characters and brightly colored worlds make you want to play alone and with pals, too. Are you champion enough to be the last one standing?

Meshi Quest Five Star Kitchen

I never thought I’d be interested in making sushi. But add a game to the menu and I’m all in. Here, you make tasty fish and rice tidbits and serve your hungry customers. If you don’t serve them in time, they get humorously grumpy. It all really becomes challenging when more than three famished folk show up at your restaurant to demand dinner.

Iron Marines

This tough tower defense game tests your mettle using nine heroes during 14 missions in two fantasy locales. What’s the deal? You try your you guard stronghold and have your minions battle monsters, mechs and aliens. Watch out for those powerful meteor storms. And scour the world carefully. There are many Easter eggs scattered around for you to find.

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