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How to Tie an Overhand Knot

The overhand knot is usually one of the first knots that Cub Scouts learn how to tie. It’s a simple knot that can be used for different purposes, like stopping a rope from slipping through a pulley or hole, or making it easier to grip. The overhand knot is also the first step for several other knots.

With just a few steps, you can learn to tie the overhand knot. All you need is a single strand of rope.

1. First, make a loop in the end of a rope.

2. Next, tuck the end of the rope through the loop.

3. Pull the end of the rope to tighten the knot.

If you need to stop a rope from slipping through a larger hole, you may need a bigger knot. To create a larger stopper knot, you can add a second overhand knot after the first one. This will increase the size of the knot, making it more effective at stopping the rope.

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