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Where to find cheap, decent hiking boots

boot-200x148Q. Hey Gear Guy, I was really unsmart on my first campout and brought sneakers! My Scoutmaster said I had to get hiking boots, but my family doesn’t make that much money. Do you know of some really cheap, decent hiking boots?
— Bootless Cole, from the Internet

A. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one on a tight budget. Check out the Northside Apex Mid ($60; It’s a basic mid-cut leather boot with waterproof protection to keep your feet dry. The key thing to remember is that your feet are probably growing fast. So you don’t need a super-durable boot. Most of the boots in the $50 to $70 range probably are going to be durable enough for the amount of hiking you’ll be doing before you outgrow them.

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7 Comments on Where to find cheap, decent hiking boots

  1. 60 dollars isn’t very cheap.

  2. Once you’ve grown, however, save up and spend money on good boots. I bought my first good pair of Vasque in the 1970’s to go to philmont. They finally wore out to the point they couldn’t be fixed (but could still be used for moving snow and such) in 1995. Replaced them with another pair. So that was about 20 years for the first and we are approaching 20 for the second.

    Amortizing the price over the life of the boots they are dirt cheap.

  3. Yes, you’re feet are growing- so is every other young man’s. Scour thrift stores. If you are patient, you can find all kinds of high end gear bought by people who have more money than sense. And, in the case of boots, they’re usually pre-broken in!

  4. Go on the boy scout shopping website

  5. I own these boots and LOVE THEM!

  6. Try to find coupons for a store near you. Also, wait for a sale

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