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Hiking boots

Low-cut or high-cut hiking boots?

Q. Hey Gear Guy, this question has been nagging me for so long: If I’m going backpacking should I wear boots with high ankles or ones with low ankles?

Fast-drying boots

boots-200x148I'm going to Northern Tier High Adventure Base this summer and need a pair of boots that can dry quickly. They need to be light, closed-toe, fast-drying and fast-draining, considering I might be walking in water. What's the best choice?

Where to find cheap, decent hiking boots

boot-200x148Q. Hey Gear Guy, I was really unsmart on my first campout and brought sneakers! My Scoutmaster said I had to get hiking boots, but my family doesn't make that much money. Do you know of some really cheap, decent hiking boots?

Preventing and treating blisters

boots-200x148Q. I'm going to the 2013 National Scout Jamboree, and I've been told that there's tons of hiking. That might be a problem because my feet sweat a lot and give me blisters. Any suggestions for preventing and treating this?

Which boots do you recommend?

Q. Hey Gear Guy! I am moving to an 85-acre farm soon and I’m looking for a pair of boots for hiking, fishing, hunting and riding my dirt bike across the farm. What would you recommend?

How to waterproof hiking boots

Q. Help, Gear Guy! What do you do if your waterproof hiking boots have become un-water resistant? My boots shoe bottoms are coming off too!

Work boots for hiking?

Q. I don’t have a pair of hiking boots, but I do have a pair of Georgia Giant work boots that come eight inches over the ankle. Would they work? Or should I get a pair of hikers instead?

Boots hurt my feet

Q. On every camp-out, my boots always hurt my feet -- sometimes from wet socks but mainly for reasons unknown. Is there anything I can do?

Hiking boot brands

Q. I want to buy some hiking boots and I was looking at some different brands. What boot brands do you like and what else should I consider when shopping for hiking boots?

Caring for leather boots

Q. I have some old leather boots that are dry and stiff. I polish them, but it doesn't seem to help. Is there a way to get them smooth and more durable?