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Using a drysack for your tent

Q. I have a tent but I don’t have a bag for it. What should I put it in?
— Bagless Joshua, Perrysburg, Ohio

A. Your best bet is to get a drysack for your tent. Roll your tent up tight and get a rough measurement of how wide and long it is. Then, buy a drysack that’s a bit larger than that size. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to squeeze a tent into a too-tight bag. In fact, I know a couple outdoorsmen who actually get rid of their tent stuffsack and use drysacks instead because it’s so much easier to stuff the tent and poles inside. Plus, the drysack protects your tent from rain or an accidental dunking in the water, ensuring that you always have a dry place to sleep on the trail. You should be able to find a good waterproof drysack at your local outfitter shop or online for about $15 to $20. Be sure to get one with a rolltop closure because those are the most watertight.

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3 Comments on Using a drysack for your tent

  1. Cheapest thing you probably have around the house is to take an old pair of pants (or even jeans) and cut the leg off long enough to fit your tent into (plus a couple inches) turn them inside out, sew them closed. Now you have a bag- need a drawstring? While they are inside out, fold over the top at the end you have not sewn shut with enough room for a drawstring (if you are good, you can probably sew it up with the drawstring in place- if not run it through after). I have a couple of these from jeans I use for tent stakes, and bungee cords, etc… They will hold water more than a “real tent bag” but are nearly free with just a little effort – especially if you have a sewing machine.

  2. cuthundra is a good brand of tents…i think

  3. you just need to buy a bag at your local sporting goods store

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