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Tent advice

How to Replace a Broken Tent Pole

Q. Yo Gear Guy! This weekend when I was setting up my two-man tent to air-dry, one of the fiberglass poles broke. Any places that I could go to get a replacement?

Waterproof or water-resistant?

waterproof-200x148Q. Hey Gear Guy, I have a question for you. What’s the difference between waterproof and water-resistant? I see it on lots of outdoor gear but I’m not sure which is which.

How to Set Up a Tent

Before leaving for your trip, be sure you're comfortable setting up -- and taking down -- your tent.

Keeping rain out of your tent

revivex-200x148Q. I have a two-person tent that I really like, but when it rains, it leaks badly. I applied seam sealer as you had said in a previous answer, but now it's like the rain is coming through the tent itself, not the seams. I think the rain fly that came with the tent is not big enough. Can I buy another type of rain fly? I was thinking a tarp would not allow air to come through and I will get hot. Do you have any other suggestions?

Best way to waterproof canvas tents

Q. I am a Scout from New Zealand, and we struggle with keeping our Scout group’s canvas tents waterproof — they are pretty old. How can we make them waterproof?

Fix a hole in a tent

Q. Yo Gear Guy, I just got back from summer camp and I had a blast, except for one thing: My tent got a hole in it. I was wondering if you know any good inexpensive ways to fix the holes?

How to keep the tent clean

Q. Hey Gear Guy: On camp-outs, my tent is always so dirty for some reason. Whenever I lay down to go to sleep there’s always dirt and sand and leaves all over my sleeping bag and the bottom of the tent. Please help?

Modular tent systems

Q. I am looking for a type of tent that can zip onto other tents (of the same style) for my friends to use on campouts so we can each have our own living quarters.

Lightweight, affordable tent

Q. Please help, Gear Guy! I like to camp and hike but I always get slowed down by my heavy tent. Can you help me find a lightweight AND affordable backpacking tent?