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How to Keep Dirt Out of Your Tent

Q. I hate when the inside of my tent gets filthy. I always track in dirt from my boots. Any tips for keeping it cleaner?
— Allen, Fayetteville, Arkansas

A. I’m with you, Allen. Some people don’t mind sleeping in a dirty tent, but I like to keep mine tidy, too. After all, a Scout is clean, right? I usually take off my hiking boots — and any outer layers — before getting in my tent. That way, I don’t introduce trail dust into an otherwise clean area.

Gear wise, you could try the Adventure Mat ($30), a grippy, easy-to-clean pad that works a bit like a doormat. Place it outside of your tent to stomp off any unwanted muck. It folds up to a 7-inch square.

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6 Comments on How to Keep Dirt Out of Your Tent

  1. put the tarp
    your tent and just up the sides about 8” if your tarp is bog enough. it forms a bowl-like and keeps water from coming in on the floor
    of your tent.

  2. Heavy duty showercaps or footcovers over your shoes before you step in the tent.

  3. I use astro turf carpet. Very light and thin, cut to fit the floor of the tent. Available at most home improvement centers. Golf it inside tent after use, take it out and shake it clean. Floor in tent stays clean.

  4. Mom of 3 scouts // February 12, 2018 at 9:04 pm // Reply

    Towel inside door as a mat. Easy to shake out & absorbs moisture.

  5. a lightweight folding mat for backpacking is great, though I usually just use a trash bag. For front country camping I have some carpet samples that I got for free from a flooring store. I place one outside in the vestibule and the other just inside the tent door. Works great!

  6. How do you keep water out of your tent

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