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Do I Need to Pack a Pillow?

Q. How important is it to pack a pillow for my upcoming backpacking trip?
— Brad, Easton, Massachusetts

Getting quality sleep on the trail is always important, but that doesn’t mean you need a specialty product. Try packing your extra clothes into a spare stuff sack. If you’re exhausted enough, it’ll feel fine. If you can spare the room — and the expense — try a camp pillow like the foam-filled Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow ($25). It’s one of the best values for a lightweight, packable pillow that’s actually comfortable.

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  1. or you can fill a small dry bag with air by waving in the wind or blowing in it and closing it fast i hope this helped

  2. For car camping a real pillow is great. For backpacking, use a stuffed clothes bag

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