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Stuff We Like: Selk’bag

It’s early, it’s cold and you don’t feel like getting out of your cozy sleeping bag. With a Selk’bag (, you don’t have to.

The wearable sleeping bag has arms, legs, an adjustable insulated hood and removable booties. You can zip off the booties, lace up your shoes and walk around camp feeling toasty and comfy. To keep your hands warm, the bags include a kangaroo pocket up front.

Most of the bags, including the Lite ($99) and the Original ($169), are made with hollow-fiber synthetic insulation, while the deluxe Nomad version ($249) features recycled Primaloft.

The lighter bags should keep you warm in 55-degree weather, while the heavier versions are rated for around 44 degrees.

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  1. Jojothecoolkid46 // December 10, 2023 at 7:29 pm // Reply

    Stuff We Like: Selk’bag
    This walking sleeping bag seems kinda bulky. What is movement like in it? If it is for sleeping, why would you want to continue wearing it around camp? It also seems pretty expensive for what you get. A regular sleeping bag goes for much less money than this. Why would you want a walking sleeping bag? I am not being judgy, just curious as to the necesity of it.

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