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What’s better: a hiking shoe or a hiking boot?

Q. What’s better: a hiking shoe or a hiking boot?
– Rambling Ryan, Somerset, Ohio

A. It depends. If you’re headed out on a basic day hike, hiking shoes are a great choice. In general, they’ll be more comfortable because they are lighter and more flexible and breathable, yet you’ll still have more traction than you’d get from running shoes.

If you’re going on a backpacking trip over rugged backcountry trails while carrying a fully loaded pack, then you’ll want to be wearing sturdy hiking boots. Boots give your feet and ankles the protection and support that will prevent you from injuring your feet and rolling your ankles on rough and uneven trails.

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    I just wanted to know what’s the difference between summer hiking shoes and winter hiking shoes?

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  3. In my opinion, I think that both shoes and boots are useful in the different types of hiking just like Gear Guy said. I personally prefer old tennis shoes, but if I’m hiking in the snow or rough trails I’ll want boots.

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