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Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show

Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show

Those wild, raving Rabbids are back on TV and better than ever.

The new season of Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show packs some major changes — in a good way. Sure, you can watch the frantic antics of the wacky rabbits. But if you have an Xbox Kinect or PS4 Camera, you can join them in interactive games and storylines by logging in.

And with 78 seven-minute episodes, there’s a lot to do. Rabbids Invasion provides more than 400 games and challenges. Here’s a sampling of everything you van expect:

  • Chicken Dance
  • Rabbid Dance
  • Pump Up the Sea star
  • Tug a Pretzel
  • Spinning Top
  • Candy bar Jump
  • Shaking the Machine
  • Speed track
  • Jumping on the highway
  • Radio Shake
  • Run Rabbid!
  • Sugar Rush
  • Speed Drawing
  • Ventouzup
  • Park-athlon
  • My Sodaaaaaah
  • Loudly Cow!
  • Seagaaaaaaaalh
  • Radioaaaaaaah
  • Bwaaaaaah-meter
  • Throwctopus
  • Radio Catapult
  • Slang-a-Rab
  • Skate board Jump
  • Crumbs Cleaners
  • Catch the Stickers
  • Paaaaaahmphlets
  • Eggs Battle
  • Rabbids Launcher
  • Light Windows
  • Boarding Control
  • Doing Some Numbers
  • Rabbi-casso
  • Doggy Hunt
  • Money Flies
  • Flies Away
  • Flash Flies

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  1. Umm… Is this on Xbox 360 or Wii U aswell? Cause the Wii U is the only next-gen console I have right now.

  2. The rabbits are back! 🙂

  3. So is this a TV show or a downloadable game? Is it on XBOX 360 or just Xbox One? Please clarify more.

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