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Inside the March 2019 Issue

Here’s what you’ll find inside the March 2019 issue of Boys’ Life magazine. Remember, many articles are only available to subscribers and are not available online.

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The ‘Survivormen’ of the Rockies

It might be a made-up contest, but what Scouts learn in the Colorado wilderness could prove vital in a real survival situation.

9 Things to Know About Wilderness First Aid

Here’s how to Be Prepared to treat injuries and ailments in the backcountry.

Learn about wilderness first aid

To Infinity and Beyond

The New Horizons spaceship flew to the edge of our solar system … and then kept going.

BL How To Make It: DIY Survival Kit

This 2-pound kit could save your life for at least three days in the wild.

How to make a DIY survival kit


Scouting Around: Stay on Target

Archery is more than a fun way to pass the time at Scout camp. It’s a popular sport with all kinds of different competition formats.

Visit the Scouting Around blog

Best Week Ever

Summer’s just around the corner. Make plans for fun with our guide to eight amazing Scout camps.

Check out 8 cool summer camps

Don’t Panic!

The key to surviving if you’re lost in the wild? Managing your fear.


Let’s Look at Pyramids

Read it! Color it! Get it all in this special Cub Scout section.

Welcome to Earth!

Alien invasion? Don’t worry. These Cub Scouts learned just what to do.


Look for the regular score of comics, jokes, games, Scouts in Action, Tradin’ Post and more! Only in the March 2019 issue of Boys’ Life!

The Wacky Adventures of Pedro
Pee Wee Harris
Tales From the Campfire
Scouts in Action
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