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How to Avoid Ticks on Hikes

Q: I keep getting attacked by ticks on hikes! What can I do?
— Kevin, Nevada, Iowa

A: Try to stay in the middle of well-established trails. Ticks like to climb up your legs, so as soon as you go walking through tall grasses or bushwhacking through the brush, you’re bound to get some ticks hitching a ride.

If you know you’re going to encounter tick-heavy areas, wear long pants tucked into tall socks and a long-sleeved shirt. Also, use bug repellent with 10-to 30-percent concentration of DEET. Once you’re home, take a shower and do a full tick check. Be sure to wash your clothes and dry them in the dryer — the high heat will kill any remaining ticks.

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  1. Interestingly, one’s personal body chemistry/ and or scent has an effect as to whether you have a problem with ticks. I was hiking with a buddy once, and he got a tick with Lyme disease, along with several other ticks. I had none. For me, DEET is very helpful and duck-taping the pants legs goes a long way. Just be mindful, and have a great summer!

  2. Honestly, I send natural dog shampoo from Walmart with my boys, myself, and husband, when we do any camping/boy scout campouts. Make them wash with it hair and body before a campout and then if they shower rewash during campouts/trips. We went to the rockie mountains one time and no ticks all week! Hubby took oldest on BS camp and hubby forgot to wash with it. He had a few ticks and he pretreated their clothing. After he wash, he had none. So it may sound strange, but it works.

  3. This neglects to mention the two best weapons for avoiding ticks, Permethrin for clothes/gear, and Picaridin for skin.

  4. Permethrin

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