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Poisonous Plants Quiz

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  1. I got a D. I guess I’ll never go outside again and leave Boy Scouts 🙁

  2. Informative I got 100% easy if you remeber the saying about leaves of three.

  3. Got an A on my first try let’s go

  4. A+. Easy.

  5. I got a c

  6. Ω HORSESHOE // May 3, 2021 at 6:46 am // Reply


  7. I got a 100%! I can’t believe I got an A.

  8. got D

  9. I gota C-

  10. 5/7 · Scored 71%

    Result: B I cant beleive it

  11. I got an a plus 100

  12. 81% i got posion oak wrong, but that was because the pic wasnt poison oak!

  13. A i guessed mostly all of them hehe

  14. I got an F, I just gussed

  15. 14% I got one right the poison ivy

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