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Video of Okpik Winter Camping at Northern Tier High Adventure Base

Okpik at the Northern Tier High Adventure Bases is not a winter survival camp. Okpik is a winter fun camp.

If you show up in good physical condition with the right attitude, it’s easy to survive in below-zero temps. As for the dogsledding, ice fishing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing … that’s where the fun part comes in.

Watch these videos to get a taste of Okpik fun.

Want to learn more about Okpik and winter at Northern Tier? Check out the September 2009 issue of Boys’ Life magazine or visit Northern Tier’s website at

9 Comments on Video of Okpik Winter Camping at Northern Tier High Adventure Base

  1. Bepepared#1 // August 3, 2010 at 12:48 pm // Reply

    I built a snow shelter like that last winter.

  2. I have to convince my whole Scout Troop in order to go.

  3. Dog Sled Adventure. Been there. Done that. Doing it again in January. Expereince of a lifetime. Nothing like it. Great guides and a great all around program.

  4. anonymous your wrong i have spent half an our watching them

  5. That’s so awesome! I agree niber1234567. Hopefully I’ll be able to go sometime.

  6. i want to go their so bad!!!!!!

  7. Dude that is soo cool…and the adventure was awesome!!!!!! It was the funnest experience to date.
    I need that video to download

  8. I would really like to go Northen Tier.It would be so fun.

  9. There is no link to view the video.

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