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Troop 1015’s Turkey Feed recipes

Every November, Troop 1015 invites almost everyone they know to attend their Turkey Feed. Here are the recipes they use to feed 100 people.

The Secret of Grady House

shortstory-promoLittle does Evan Forrester know, but the spooky old Grady house holds the secret to his future. Read the latest fiction from the pages of Boys' Life.

Scouts help raise puppy to become a guide dog

puppy-200x148For almost one year, Life Scout Quinn Schneider and his family had a black Lab puppy named Kajsa. They helped to raise her and train her to become a guide dog and help others. Then they had to say goodbye.

Canoeing through Bowron Lake Provincial Park

bowron-promoSee photos of Troop 136's canoeing trek through Canada's Bowron Lake Provincial Park, where they found majestic mountains, remarkable rivers and lovely lakes. And plenty of paddling.

Photos of 40-mile backpacking trek through the Wallowa Mountains

wallowa-promoTroop 224 from Sherwood, Ore., trekked more than 40 miles through the Wallowa Mountains in northeastern Oregon. Along the way, they survived one of the most difficult descents in the Pacific Northwest, swam in a pristine mountain lake and made it to the summit of Eagle Cap peak.

Dragon Mountain contest winners

dragonmtn-promoUnexpectedly, Rick’s field trip turns into quite an adventure. Read the exciting ending to our you-finish-the-story contest!

Trick Casting with Tom Redington

fishing-promoAfter making millions of casts in a lifetime, fishing pros like Tom Redington can get pretty precise with their casts. Check out some of Tom’s awesome trick shots in this video.

Photos of winter activities at Camp Wilderness

Last February, more than 250 Scouts participated in a search-and-rescue training session at Camp Wilderness, the Northern Lights Council's 2,400-acre wooded campground in Minnesota's Paul Bunyon State Forest.

Photos from the BearPaw winter camp experience

Scouts from the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council headed into California's snowy Sierra Nevada mountains for the annual BearPaw winter experience. Take a look at photos from their campout.

Trekking in Style

When braving the rugged White Mountains, you deserve a nice place to sleep.

10 cool concept cars

You can't find these concepts in your local dealership, but BL is here with a sneak peek at some of the fastest, greenest and most luxurious automobiles on the planet.

Sea Scouts on Lake Huron photo gallery

Check out these photos from the Lake Huron High Adventure Cruise, an event in which Sea Scouts, Venturers and Boy Scouts sailed nine vessels for five days and 281 miles across Lake Huron from Mackinaw City, Mich., to Port Huron, Mich., to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the BSA's Sea Scout program.

Bat Boys

There's a lot more to these flying creatures than most people think.

Winter Warriors

Scouts in Minot, N.D. know plenty about winter camping. They experience it for much of the year.

How to make the Maui Manwich with Spam

Most of the Spam recipes at the 2011 Greater Niagara Frontier Council’s Onondaga District Klondike were actually pretty good. This one — the Maui Manwich, which uses Spam, barbecue sauce and coleslaw — was judged the best.

Photos from Troop 11’s trip to Normandy, France

The Scouts from Troop 11, Auburn, Ala., knew what happened on the beaches of France on D-Day, June 6,1944: a massive invasion of Allied troops (the good guys) that would ultimately serve as a key turning point in World War II. But in order to really experience it, they decided to visit the beach and surrounding area themselves.

Hail to the Victorino!

The rank of Eagle Scout isn’t the only pinnacle Shane Victorino has reached. The speedy Philadelphia Phillies center fielder has been to the World Series the past two Octobers (winning a title in 2008), played for the USA in the second-ever World Baseball Classic in 2009, has won two consecutive Gold Gloves and led the majors in triples last year with 13. Whew!

Unlease Your Inner Inventor

Are you good at finding clever solutions to everyday problems? Maybe you have had a creative idea, only to see it later on store shelves? If so, it's time to unleash your inner inventor.

Who is the best quarterback of all time?

In eight seasons in the National Football League, Tom Brady has worked his way up from a bench-warming rookie into possibly the best quarterback ever. But there are plenty of other great quarterbacks in NFL history. Here is a summary of some of them. Take a look, and then vote for the best quarterback of all time.

Camping with company

Gators, rattlers and water moccasins…Florida Scouts find the Everglades is much more than a river of grass.

Into the Darkness

Armed only with helmets and headlamps, Scouts head into the deep, black emptiness.…

An Eagle in Antarctica

Eagle Scout Ben Pope wasn't as out of place as you might think. Turns out his Scout training served him well during his time near the South Pole.