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Scouting Around

Does your unit have a cool outing coming up? Tell us about it and it could appear in Scouting Around!

Photos from Troop 11’s trip to Normandy, France

The Scouts from Troop 11, Auburn, Ala., knew what happened on the beaches of France on D-Day, June 6,1944: a massive invasion of Allied troops (the good guys) that would ultimately serve as a key turning point in World War II. But in order to really experience it, they decided to visit the beach and surrounding area themselves.

Scouts Remember 9/11

Throughout 2011, Boy Scouts across the country have been paying their respects to the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

Scouts Raft the New River Gorge

On a 50-mile journey through the New River Gorge, Scouts come face to face with a mountain of trash, a challenging hike and one monster rapid that can make or break the entire trip. Check out video from their adventure.

Troop 175’s Unique Challenge

Boy Scout Troop 175 in Simsbury, Conn., participates each year in an 18-hour exercise that tests the Scouts both mentally and physically.

Volunteers of the Year

The Scouts of Troop 131 love their hometown of Wrentham, Mass. Turns out their hometown loves them right back.

Three Peaks, One Week

Four Scouts from Georgia climbed three different peaks higher than 14,000 feet over a period of seven days last summer.

Earn Your National Outdoor Badges

If you can demonstrate your knowledge and skill in the outdoors, you can earn five new BSA badges, and maybe even a new medal as well.