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Inside the May 2019 Issue

Here’s what you’ll find inside the May 2019 issue of Boys’ Life magazine. Remember, many articles are only available to subscribers and are not available online.

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Grand Adventures on the Great Lakes

Taking in the sights of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula by kayak.

Scouts take in the sights and sounds of The Great Lakes by kayak

Gear Guy: Sleep Well

The Gear Guy brings you advice on buying the best sleeping bag.

Sleeping bag buying guide

The Nature Crew: Glass Lizards

When is a snake not a snake? When it’s a glass lizard.

Fiction: Harley-Dog’s Hobby

What’s wrong with Harley-Dog? Ian is determined to find out.

How to buy a good rain jacket

BL How to Do It: Rock Collection

Here are a few ideas and concepts that can help you get started on your rock collection.

Photos from the Great Scout Community Campout


Scouting Around: Revamping Your Camping

Camping is perfect for getting away from the fuss and stress of everyday life. It’s also a way to make other Scouting activities more convenient.

Visit the Scouting Around blog

Survival at Sea

Here are four stories of seafarers who beat the odds.

Be Upstanding

Learn what bullying is and what to do about it.


Let’s Look at Guitars

Read it! Color it! Get it all in this special Cub Scout section.

That. Just. Happened.

Living it up with your friends? That is what Cub Scouting is all about.

Cub Scouts is all about living it up at camps like Cub World!


Look for the regular score of comics, jokes, games, Scouts in Action, Tradin’ Post and more! Only in the May 2019 issue of Boys’ Life!

The Wacky Adventures of Pedro
Pee Wee Harris
Tales From the Campfire
Scouts in Action
More S.I.A.

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  1. When i get the print issue of boys life i like the advertisements in the back pages. i don’t seem them on this site. Thats to bad.

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