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Hobbies & Projects

Hobbies, projects, art and crafts. Get science project ideas, fun kids projects and great activities to do with children.

How to Build a Pet-Bowl Stand

Try these step-by-step directions for building a raised pet-bowl stand to provide a comfortable place for your dog or cat to eat and drink.

Make a Paracord Watchband or Bracelet

A paracord watchband makes a great gift or can be used as a survival tool. Unraveled, it provides about 10 feet of handy paracord for fixing tent lines or tying together broken gear.

Three fun electronics projects

Make a doorknob touch detector, a quick-draw game and a super-sensitive current detector with parts you can get a local stores.

Primitive Rope with a Twist

American Indians made rope and twine (cordage) using natural fibers from trees, plants and animals. You can make cordage using common materials found around the house or at the hobby store. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Build a Custom Desk

Build your own desk with a tray for your computer keyboard, shelves and even a secret drawer.

Build your own skate longboard

Todd Davis, author of "Handy Dad," offers step-by-step instructions for creating your own skate longboard. With a little work, you can be carving back and forth across the blacktop in no time.

Make the ultimate raingutter regatta racer

regatta-200x148.jpgA winning raingutter racer stays on an even keel, moves in a straight line, keeps the bow above water and does not drag. If your boat does all this, it finishes ahead of any boat that can't. Here's how to build your winner.

How to build a bug board

They might annoy us or amaze us, but there's no question about it: Bugs are an essential part of the natural order of things. Here's how to make your own nature museum to display them.

Make a 3D camera

Make a stereograph, using two cameras to create cool 3D snapshots.

How to start a hydroponic garden

Plants don't need soil as long as they have five things: food, water, light, air and support. You can provide all five in a hydroponic garden. Here's how to create your own.

Twist Wire to Make a Great Present

With a few tools, you can twist and turn metal into something that is functional and easy on the eyes. Here's how to wire up some new things around the house.

Make your own mailbox stove

Looking for a unique and fun way to cook for your troop? Do what this North Carolina troop does: Cook in a mailbox.

Send Us a Photo of Your Project!

Have you built one of the projects features in the pages of Scout Life magazine or on If so, we'd love to see a photo of the completed work.

Build a working robot

Build GISMO 4, a quick, remote-controlled robot that can do battle with other robots or roll around the house.