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Episode 3: When Do We Become Ticklish?

How old are we when we're first ticklish? Are babies ticklish? Are dogs? What is the science behind tickling? Can you tickle yourself? No joke - we've got the answer!

Episode 2: Why is the Sky Blue?

Why is the sky blue? If the sun is yellow and space is black, where does the blue in the sky come from? Is light a color? What are the colors of the rainbow (and what do they even have to do with this)?

Episode 1: Is the Pizza Hut P’Zone Yum or Yikes?

Who invented pizza? Is a pie a pizza? Why is pizza the go-to delivery food? Is the P’Zone from Pizza Hut any good? If you’re puzzled by pizza, or anything else, we’ve got an answer to your most burning questions.